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What Type of Funerals are there?

There are 3 main funeral types in Australia, but this could change in the near future.  However each type has different types of offerings:

1. Burials

Burials have been around forever, and for some people it is their religion that insist on a burial.

Burials can be a lot more expensive than cremations as you need to purchase land, and then Headstones or even Vaults.  This becomes really expensive 

2. Cremations

Cremations take place at most Cemeteries and allow you to take the ashes home or have them interned at the location. 

3. Memorials

A memorial is where your loved one has been cremated or burial without anyone attending, which is called a No Service No Attendance.  Then at a later date, everyone will come together to honour your loved one and tell lots of stories and have lots of laughs.

Plus we are seeing a minor trend into the following 2 types:

Green Funerals

This is the next trending service, and NSW is a little slow to take up this offering.  A green funeral has many interpretations, and could be as simple as a natural coffin, no plastic, fully decomposable or you could be talking about natural burial in just a shroud in a shallow grave.  This will be more accessible in the near future, but for now, it is a slow start for NSW.

Aquamation (water cremation)

This is relative new technology, where instead of the body being cremated by fire, it is done by water with certain chemicals added to break down the body in water.  Stay tuned for this, as this could be an alternative to cremations.

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